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Ashi Ilyas

Chief Recruitment Consultant And HeadHunter

About Ashi Ilyas

I'm a Senior Recruiter & Headhunter with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. A passionate and highly talented HR and Recruitment professional with experience of HR Operations and Recruitment. Worked with top management for developing organizational policies, Resource development, Talent management, Systems development, Headhunting, Technical Recruitment, Employee retention. Multi-tasking capabilities in a deadline driven environment. I support the recruiting efforts for Multinational and Local Industries from many years.

Create significant experiences

No one wants to fetch coffee and rolls any more, but every job includes some mundane tasks. Find ways to mix the exciting with the routine.

Coming up with a short-term, a midterm and a long-term project for each intern keeps interest going all summer.

Why Hire Interns?

It is clear that students gain a great deal from working as interns. In today's tight job market, internships have rapidly become a prerequisite for many full-time positions.

Initial Planning

Simple as it may sound, advance planning is the key to a successful internship program. Hiring an intern only to have that person sit idle, waiting for someone to assign a project, is not productive for either you or the student. Don't approach your internship program as an afterthought. Rather, consider it an important element of your staffing plan. There are many sources of information available to help you in the initial phases of developing an internship program.

Designing Your Program

Work with the supervising manager to create a job description. Describe your organization and outline duties or projects associated with the internship. Determine the particulars. Map out the length and timing of the internship experience (i.e. summer, fall, or spring, and the number of weeks), working hours (part-time or full-time), applicant selection criteria, and compensation. Select a direct supervisor for each intern. This person should be responsible for assigning projects, working with the intern to provide on-the-job training, answering questions and offering regular performance reviews. The supervisor should be available and accessible to the intern either through scheduled meetings or through an "open-door" policy. Develop specific projects and assignments.

internships from temporary employment is that internships are by definition learning experiences