Our methodology reflects the way we work. Each piece of minor information of the clients and candidates is kept confidential and safe. Our teams work tirelessly to make sure the success of each project assigned.. Starting from Initial contract agreement to the reporting to the employee we keep the candidates and clients informed in a way that no other agency in the market does so. As we believe in customers satisfaction and retention.

We believe to work in a managed way by following and adopting the best procedural techniques by respecting the Laws and Regulation of the country which is more convenient and acceptable to the client's needs.

The best possible results are achieved if all the factors of the recruitment process are taken into account. The methodology provides an overview which reflects our way of work. Each process is revised and reviewed in iterative manner and best services are offered at each step. We take the support of NADRA and HEC in verifying the candidates information.

However the replacement option is always kept open for our clients. Clients feedback is very crucial for us to improve our services and perform better in future. Hence clients share their findings and feedback with us that help us in providing better services and meet their expectations .

Important Elements include

Now lets dive into a few key pieces of information your creative brief needs to include and questions it should answer.

-> Realistic and optimal advice on feasibility of requirement.

-> Advice and complete awareness on salary and benefits.

-> Thorough fact finding and briefing of our staff consultants keeping in mind the ground realities of the place.

-> Client involvement in the choice for primary and secondary source companies.

-> Comprehensive candidate profile and keep it in our database for future.

-> Formal communication process.

-> Continuous exchange of information at each level to facilitate more and more.

-> Sign-off stages during the process to ensure transparency

-> Project managed stages so that clients may aware of every stage

-> Structured briefing and debriefing conducted by experts

-> Package negotiations

-> Candidate support at each stage

-> Get feedback from Client for future perspectives


Recruitment Phases


Requirement Briefing

Job Advertisement

Identify Candidates

Screen Candidates

Documentation Verification

Submit Shortlist of Candidates

Report to Employee

Departure (Only international assignments)

Debriefs (Only international assignments)

Visa Endorsement (Only international assignments)

Medical Examination (Only international assignments)

Job Offer

Test & Interviews